Timothy Tynan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Structural Energetic Therapy® Practitioner. He lives in Rocky Hill with his wife Sandra, a Social Worker and Life Coach who specializes in Children and Families. They both love to travel around the world, and prioritize physical, emotional and spiritual healing in themselves and others. 

Timothy’s road to body work was long and very trans-formative. After just graduating college with a degree in Video and Audio Production, his life was turned upside down with the death of his father. At that time, he began down a path of looking for a deeper purpose in life. He realized he wanted a career where he could help people every day along their own journeys of healing. After further research and personal experience, he was led towards Massage Therapy. During this time, he began to feel a deeper connection to himself, and knew he had found a meaningful direction to his life.

After graduating from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, he was able to experience working in a spa, a hair salon, and even furthering his knowledge while working in a Chiropractors’ office. During this time, he began to intuitively feel the correlation between people’s emotional states and their level of discomfort. While also noticing the structural imbalances he was correcting would not stay in place long enough to sustain results in relieving chronic pain.

He started searching for a more effective modality to gain longer lasting results for his clients. This led him to a close friend and co-worker, who offered him a Structural Energetic Therapy®  session. Immediately after, he felt grounded, in a natural aligned posture, and feeling the body’s energy flow like never before. At that point he knew he had found a modality that addresses healing at a deeper level.

Ever since Timothy started the Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) training, he has been seeing amazing changes in his clients as well as himself. Watching people get off of his table, and seeing their reaction to the same changes he felt has been very rewarding. Structural Energetic Therapy®  treats the Whole Body; energetically, emotionally and structurally, it is an all-encompassing therapy. He is incredibly grateful for the journey that has led him to SET, which has enabled him to give such a powerful healing practice to his clients. Timothy believes that by providing his client’s the space and tools that they need to address their physical and emotional pain, they can then take that out to better themselves and others.