I had my first session with Tim today after an introduction to his process at the farmers market, what an incredible experience! The release and I had and relief I feel already after one visit is unlike anything I’ve experience with a chiropractor or massage. I can’t wait to go back!
— Aaron T

I started therapy with Tim to address 3 issues: a sore knee [muscle/tendon], TMJ and stress relief after 2 cancer surgeries and the deaths of 3 immediate family members in 7 months. “Regular” massage just didn’t help me anymore. I had never had soft tissue massage or SET. Tim’s myofascial soft tissue therapy on my face and head, targeting my sinus and esophagus, was amazing – releasing both distortion and emotional dysfunction. After my 1st and 2nd therapy sessions I felt so invigorated. I feel little to no arthritis anywhere in my body.
For me…truly transformational.
— Julie T

After my first session with Tim I was blown away. I had been in pain for months and after that one session I walked out feeling a million times better! I’m still in awe of the experience and how much better my body feels after every visit. Tim is very knowledgeable and really loves what he does, making others feel better.
— April S

Tim worked on me as part of his training for Structural Energetic Therapy. It was hard to believe he was still in training because he seemed to already have a mastery and deep understanding of the technique. I was so impressed by his knowledge of the human body and his understanding of its structural and energetic systems. Tim is helping to usher in a new paradigm with this work, a paradigm that treats illness and wellness from an energetic perspective.

When I was done with each session with Tim I felt aligned, open, grounded, and energized. I felt more aware and present in my body. I left each session realizing that this is how we are supposed to feel every day; this is how we are supposed to go through life. I didn’t know what proper alignment felt like until I experienced it.

Sessions with Tim also helped me to understand my body differently. At certain points I could actually feel stagnant, old energy leaving my body. I’ve studied and understood the body’s energetic systems on an intellectual level, but to actually experience it physically was incredible! These sessions helped me to realize the body’s true purpose and function and how we may be able to use our bodies to their ultimate capacity.

Tim is also an incredibly kind and calm person. He is the kind of nonjudgemental and unassuming person that everyone wants as a bodyworker. Tim is a healer. This is the kind of work he was born to do, and it was a privilege to be able to see him.
— Sarah B

Tim brings quality care, knowledge, and enthusiasm to his work that is inspiring! Structural energetic therapy is his expertise and it is a powerful modality for healing. For anyone serious about health and healing, I highly recommend booking a series of bodywork sessions with Tim.
— Melinda L

Tim is not only talented with his techniques but he is extremely educated on each section of the body. He understands each body is different and taught me how to cater to what my body’s is telling me it needs! Thank you Tim for making me feel comfortable and knowledgeable.
— Brittany M

My experience with Tim was amazing! I did not realize how much tension I had been holding in my body. I regained full flexibility on my right side and felt completely balanced after my session. It made a huge difference in my yoga practice and convinced me how important massage is as regular maintenance for your well being. I recommend everyone should go see Tim, it was life changing!
— Vicky B