Structural Energetic Therapy® makes use of a number of advanced modalities to bring your body through its process of unwinding. Some of these include Cranial/Structural Therapy, Directed Myofascial Unwinding, Acupressure, and Emotional Energy Release Therapy.


Cranial Structural Therapy

These techniques were developed exclusively for Structural Energetic Therapy®. There are two different categories of Cranial/Structural releases:

Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases:

For each session, the therapist will test to see what distortion your body is in. For the first few sessions, this will most likely be the Core Distortion. All following sessions will be focused towards releasing your sub patterns. After releasing the Core Distortion, our bodies go into its own individual process of unwinding. During this process, after being brought into support, it will collapse back into a sub-pattern. Muscle testing allows us to test for these sub patterns, and each pattern has a corresponding Cranial/Structural protocol to release it. This allows us to continually unwind the different layers of holding patterns, specific to each person, and get to the root cause of pain.

Frontal-Occipital Decompression:

For some clients, the therapist will use this technique to help detoxify and reduce swelling and inflammation found within the cranium. The body has a natural rhythm of pumping cerebral spinal fluid and lymph into and out of the cranium. By pumping the Occipital and Frontal bones, this enhances the natural flow and opens up this stream to work more efficiently, and create a space for healing inside the cranium. By relieving any pressure, the brain can begin to heal, and symptoms such as headaches and migraines, post-concussion symptoms, and vertigo can be effectively treated. There is even some cases of clients with Autism and Alzheimer’s having positive results.


Don McCann explains how the Frontal-Occipital Decompression works


Directed Myofascial Unwinding

Most sessions will include soft tissue manipulation to support the changes initiated by the Cranial/Structural Therapy. Depending on what postural distortions were found during the body reading and muscle testing, a soft tissue protocol will be chosen to address the weakened areas, and your areas of pain. Each protocol is designed to release tissue in a specific order to unwind the body out of its holding patterns, and bring it back into support. The first few sessions will focus on releasing the initial Core Distortion pattern, and how your body compensates for that. Then the following sessions will focus on releasing any other underlying sub-patterns.

The areas being addressed will possibly be holding tension from years of being in holding patterns. It is very important that the client and therapist work together to create a space to allow the client to give their body permission to let go of these chronically tightened areas. Through focused breathing and concentration along with guidance from the therapist, major releases can be achieved.




The Energy Meridian System has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Just as you have nervous and cardiovascular systems, your body has an energy system. And just like those systems, energy flows through certain pathways. By activating specific pressure points along these meridians, you can begin the process of softening tissue, and start to move negative energy through the body.

The Quick Release Technique used in Structural Energetic Therapy® activates these points to open up the upper body, by bringing the arms, shoulders, neck and head back into balance. This can be an effective tool to release tension before applying Cranial Structural Therapy, or an upper body soft tissue protocol. When applying lower body soft tissue protocols, it can also be used to help support those changes by bringing the lower and upper bodies into balance.


Emotional Energy Release Therapy

During any point of the treatment, the body may go into a process of releasing negative emotional energy. As we live our lives and have experiences, our subconscious can hold onto some of our experiences, and hold them within our tissue. By releasing the Core Distortion,the initial holding pattern we were born into, traumatic experiences being held within this distortion can be released. Often our chronic areas of pain are the physical manifestation of these negative emotional holdings, and to release them is to release your physical pain. Sometimes emotional energy will become stuck as it’s releasing during a session, when appropriate the therapist will bring the client through breathing exercises to help release this energy. Some sessions may consist of only breathing exercises if the therapist and client agree that this is most appropriate.


“E-Motion” the documentary explains the relationship between our emotions and our physical health

*The full-length version is also available on YouTube